If you were to look at some of the photos of Wayne roony in recent months, you would think that his hair transplant has cured his baldness…  but read on…

Rooney spent a reported £30,000 to get the perfect head of hair.

The 26-year-old footballer’s hair appeared to be thin as he flew out with the rest of the Manchester United team for an important Champions League qualifying match.

With his head bowed down, Rooney’s hair looked significantly thinner which leads up to think that the England international might have been using some sort of concealer to make it look cosmetically thicker

Hair transplants can never give a person a full head of hair but, if done properly, they can create the illusion of a full head of hair.

Earlier this month, Rooney sparked concern that the transplant may not have worked when he was seen sporting greying locks.  However, the clinic insisted the ‘discolouration’ was normal, and may last months.


Director of the Harley Street Hair Clinic, Nadeem Uddin Khan, said: ‘It isn’t possible to judge the full effect of a transplant for at least 6-12 months.”

Rooney had the treatment for his hair loss at a London clinic at the beginning of June.  In the days following the procedure, Rooney tweeted: ‘Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25, why not? I’m delighted with the result.’

The technique, called FUE, takes individual follicles out of the back and sides of the head and implants them into the front. It is also suggested that Rooney has been prescribed Propecia to maintain his remaining hair.

Finasteride, combats male pattern baldness and is routinely prescribed alongside hair transplants.

It’s pretty successful. Clinical studies have found that nine in ten men  who take Propecia stop balding, and around 65 per cent experience some kind of regrowth.

It looks to me as though he wearing some Toppik. (a hair concealing powder)This would definitly explain why only after a couple of months, his hair looked fantastic.  Regardless of Rooney’s patchy results, more people than ever are having transplants after he went public with his surgery.

Dr Bessam Farjo, said he ishaving hundreds of extra inquiries for the procedure which costs an average of £8,000.

.“We are getting an increasing number of calls from women too, probably due to more information being available.”

The Farjos carry out more than 350 procedures each year and have helped transform the lives of many people, including Dragon’s Den judge Duncan Bannatyne and former England rugby player Kyran Bracken.

Rooney’s new cropped look has been an instant hit and the striker revealed: “I’m spending more time in front of the mirror now! “I’m sure some of you who are going bald know it’s a bit stressful. “So I made a decision to get it done. I thought ‘why not?’”

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