Wayne Rooney could well be among the best football players at present featuring in the English Premier League earning a fortune for scoring goals for his much loved team Man Utd. But deep down below the surface of the incredibly physically fit man was a squashed ego and private pain he encountered each day of going bald at such an early age. In spite of numerous millionaires saying that cash does not buy you happiness, it’s been a prosperous tale this season for the striker Wayne Rooney (to date) scoring in Man united’s 2-1 win against West Bromwich Albion last weekend and reveling in pure joy showing off his wonderful and famous head of £30,000 hair.


The striker commenced the brand new Premier League season by getting his first goal in the club’s 2-1 victory at West Bromwich Albion last Sunday afternoon. And even though soccer fans were unable to view his receding hair, additionally they couldn’t help but spot the color of his new head of hair – which seemed to consist of elements of light grey. Rooney received the procedure at the start of June. In the days following his treatment, he disclosed to the public that he had indeed had a hair transplant, and that he was going bald at 25,so why not? he also stated he was delighted with the result.

Rooney experienced a follicular transfer by which locks are relocated from donor regions – typically at the rear of the scalp – then replanted in bald areas.


Wayne Rooney stated Manchester United’s recovery to grab the Community Shield from local rivals Manchester City demonstrated the champions continued to be the nation’s leading side, even conveying the 3-2 win as being a “footballing lesson”. This striker stated that the victory showed who the best team is, following efforts from Nani and Chris Smalling who terminated Roberto Mancini’s side’s half time lead of two goals. Rooney stated that they never knew when a game was over, and they took Manchester city apart. He said that the 2-0 scoreline was deserved. he also stated that the winner was a lot sweeter because it was against their local rivals and that Manchester city think of themselves as rivals for the title this year.


Rooney was also very vocal on Twitter, saying that they had given man city a footballing lesson, and it was a fantastic win for the champions. Manchester United’s boss Sir Alex Ferguson was as thrilled with the win as his top striker. The Scottish boss received distinct satisfaction from the reality that his team won the game from a two goals deficit with a team featuring some very young players after he withdrew Michael Carrick, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic at the half time break.

So by looking at the first 2 games that Wayne Rooney has played in so far, it is safe to say that his new hair is certainly improving his performance on the pitch.

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