Its not just the likes of Wayne Rooney and Gordon Ramsey who have got hair transplants. Its appears the lovable Louis Walsh of X factor fame has now gone under the knife.

The Irish judge had the transplant done for free at the HRBR clinic in Dublin in August.  After looking at the results of footballer Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant, Walsh said: ‘If I had to, I would go down that route.  I think it’s called maintenance’.

Walsh is said to be so happy with the results he has even passed on the number of the clinic to his fellow X Factor judge and take that star Gary Barlow.  Barlow has been spotted in recent months with a prominent bald spot .

Apparently it was “close friend” Simon Cowell who told Walsh about his thinning hair and made him bite the bullet and get the surgery.

Before Hair Transplant

The music manager, told the Times magazine: ‘
He came up to me and said: ‘you know, you’re starting to lose your hair, dear’.
‘I said ‘I am not, dear! And anyway, you’re going grey!’’
But Cowell persisted and said: ‘Darling, you are. You’re losing your hair.’

Walsh said he then caught a glimpse of the back of his head during filming and then decided it was time to take action.

He said: ‘I could have just left it and got on with things, but with TV today, everything is in high definition, and people notice every little thing. And if you’re getting on, and you’re on TV with a lot of young people, you have to look after yourself. So I thought ‘I don’t want a bald spot! I’m going to get this sorted.’

After Transplant

At nearly 60 years old, it’s unlikely that Louis Walsh will recede much further which makes him an ideal

candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery.

Hair loss can be quite unpredictable in a mans youth.  Men under the age of 30 are advised to take preventative drugs such as propecia, in an effort to stop their hair loss.

It is believed than Walsh underwent what is know as a strip procedure rather than the more advanced FUE.

This means that a strip of hair and skin is take from the back and sides of the head.  This method can leave a visible scar if the persons hair is cut short at the sides.

On last nights Xtra Factor, a cheeky Simon Cowell made several references to Walsh’s hair…  and looking at the symmetric style of Cowells hair, we wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t gone down the hair transplant route either…

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