If you take a look at the new head of Wayne Rooney, as he tweeted them to the world, you can see that he now has a full head of hair.

He said that he was slightly sore after surgery, but if his well know ability to endure on the field is any indication, he will be just fine.

As we can all read in his most recent tweet, his spirits are up, and he seems very pleased with the results.

“Hi all there’s my head. It will take a few months to grow. Still a bit bloody to. But that’s all normal. #hairwego.”

The pictures he recently posted online are the first glimpse of the newly acquired full dome, as when he was seen leaving the clinic, he was donning a stocking cap and hooded sweatshirt, presumable to protect the recently transplanted area, and presumably to hide small blood spots that the procedure can leave behind at the roots of the follicle implanted.

Rooney is not even in his 30s yet, and stated himself that he started to lose his hair at the young age of 25, bringing attention to the fact, on an International scale, that hair loss is a natural fact for many, and not just the aged.

Wayne Rooney also tweeted his gratitude to all at the clinic who had a part to play in his recent visit, adding to the assumption that all went well and that he was pleased.

His wife assured to the world that the decision to undergo the hair therapy was his own and was not prompted by family of friends by tweeting: “Hiya!! Yes Wayne’s had his hair done! His own decision not me asking him, like a lot are saying!! Pleased for him and it will look great”.

But what is Wayne Rooney getting for his £30,000 other than a new head of hair? Many psychologists say that hair loss, especially if it is early onset, can seriously affect a persons self image, general outlook on life internally, and externally can affect their professional and social standing amongst peers. There is no doubt in my mind that Wayne Rooney’s professional career is firmly based in his his ability as on of the best strikers on the planet, and that his personal life seems to be very stable and content, but there is no doubt that on a personal level, there has got to be a self esteem boost, and the possibility that we will see him don his famous headbands and stocking cap less often in the future.

Self esteem is directly related to athletic performance, and though it is too early to tell, it may even have an effect on his playing, if that is humanly possible.

Some things are never effected by simple surgery however. The taunts of his fellow teammates continues, but instead of being referred to as Mr. Carlton (another balding footballer or repute from the pat) he is now being taunted about possible shampoo sponsorship in the future. Only time will tell, but it might be a good way to recover his money well spent. What do you think?

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