Wayne Rooney is without a doubt one of the most brilliant players of our time. The way his current season has been going with Manchester United is only proof of that. However, many of us wonder how his recent hair implant will affect his social & sex life, public image and overall career.

After revealing the results of the £30,000 procedure via a picture through his Twitter account, the footballer received mixed reviews from the public. His wife Coleen has been very supportive of Rooney throughout this whole process, which leaves us wondering if Roo’s hair implant has had side effects in the bedroom.

It’s been notified by close friends to the couple that Rooney has had an increase in confidence ever since he underwent the hair procedure, which has resulted in him becoming a bit of a tiger in the bedroom. This ‘side effect’ has left Rooney’s wife Coleen very happy with the ManU player and has ignited new fire to their marriage. It’s worth noting that Coleen didn’t ask Rooney to undergo the procedure…. “Hiya!! Yes waynes had his hair done! His own decision not me asking him, like alot are saying!! Pleased for him and it will look great x’ …tweeted Rooney’s wife soon after the implant had taken place.

As time has passed, the results have become increasingly more noticeable and even team fellow ManU members report an increase in Wayne’s performance, which some attribute to his new hair. Could it possibly be that Rooney’s recent surgery will make hair plugs popular amongst balding man? We don’t know yet.

What we do know though, is that Rooney couldn’t be happier with the results. His increases in football results as well as bedroom stamina speak for themselves. And the future is looking ever brighter for the player. Rooney was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that he was balding at a young age.

We can only assume what went through the player’s head in order for him to make the decision to undergo this procedure, but it looks as if the £30,000 was money well spent. Another collateral about his procedure is that Rooney will be seen more frequently in social events and gatherings now that he feels better about his hair. As most people will tell you, balding is considered widely unattractive and Rooney’s situation was no different.

It has been a few months since Rooney took the decision and it looks like this will be the gift that keeps on giving. Nowadays we observe a more focused and happy Rooney than last season, which was forgettable at best. Not only is Rooney ‘scoring’ on the field, but his wife has been seen more and more happy as time has passed, which close friends to the couple attribute to the increase in bedroom stamina that Rooney has had. Let’s hope that this lasts and that the couple become even closer in intimacy. We can only be happy for Rooney as his decision has brought him many joys.

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